StarLite Cuisine™, Inc. is a natural foods manufacturer of high quality vegan products committed to providing the highest in quality, meatless cuisines. We manufacture our products right here in Southern California, using the finest, all-natural ingredients with no added MSG, preservatives or artificial additives.

Our company prides itself on providing you and your family with delicious and convenient ways to enjoy the many benefits of a plant-based diet. Come discover what lots of our fans already know and add the flavors of StarLite Cuisine™, to your healthy lifestyle.

Tau and Jenny Wang

The company was founded in 2000 by a sister team, June Wang Lim and Selene Wang. StarLite Cuisine™ is an extension of First Vegetarian Foods, a natural food product company established in 1979 by Jenny and Tau Wang, for the purpose of providing vegetarian foods to Asian communities in Southern California.

June Wang Lim currently serves as President of StarLite Cuisine™. She grew up in the family food business that her father established in 1979.  In 1999, June permanently joined the family business, taking control and making the decision to reinvent the company.  Her vision in creating the StarLite Cuisine™ brand was to offer fun and innovative vegan products geared to customers who want tasty, nutritious and convenient vegetarian foods.  The legacy of her father’s early beginnings continues and that brings June a sense of pride that she loves to share through her creations in StarLite Cuisine™.

StarLite Cuisine™ products are:

  • Vegan – Our taquitos and tacos are meatless and a great alternative for Mexican Food lovers who want to cut down on cholesterol and saturated fat intake without sacrificing taste.
  • Gluten-free – Our taquitos are perfect if you are on a gluten-free diet or simply cutting down on gluten in your diet.
  • Non-GMO – Because we value the benefits of natural, nutritious foods.
  • Non-Compromising – Healthy for you plus delicious and outstanding in tastes, textures and quality ingredients.
  • Convenient – Our products are ready to eat in minutes as a meal or snack!

Mission and Values

StarLite Cuisine™’s mission is to create innovative vegan products that taste great, are convenient, and promote nutrition and health.

We value the benefits of natural, nutritious foods in promoting well-being and a healthy lifestyle. That’s why we use only premium, 100% natural ingredients in all our products. We also believe foods that are good for you should also be delicious. We invite you to read testimonials we have received from delighted customers regarding our products, and post your own thoughts once you have tried us.

Not only do we pride ourselves on creating healthful products to promote healthier lifestyles, the management at StarLite Cuisine™ also believes in the importance of preserving our environment and giving back to the community. We proudly support organizations whose efforts further such causes and participate in fundraising events on a regular basis.

StarLite Cuisine™ functions in alignment with our 5-Core Values:


We encourage self-mastery, non-conformity, being free from fear, spontaneity and making conscious choices.


We care. As a family business we promote family values. Our compassion for life promotes vegetarianism and healthy lifestyles.


We value authenticity, impeccability, honor, integrity, vibrant aliveness and respect for all life.


We believe in God or a Higher Power, spirituality, sacredness, reverence, passion, enthusiasm, inspiration and living a soulful lifestyle.


We support originality, playfulness, entrepreneurial spirit, vision, innovation, imagination, and creative expression.