How the LA Regional Food Bank Lends a Hand During Pandemic

Since 1973, the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank has been working to alleviate hunger in the Los Angeles community. Each month the LA Food Bank provides food for over 300,000 people made up of children, seniors, low-income families, and other individuals in need. The help the LA Food Bank provides to the community is no small feat. More than 30,000 volunteers and 600 partner agencies work with the LA Food Bank to distribute more than one million pounds of food each week. Living in Los Angeles may be expensive, but it is where many families call home. The LA Food Bank helps ease the strain of putting food on the table. As an extremely basic need, food should not be limited to those that can afford it.

In recent months, the number of families that have turned to The LA Food Bank has increased due to the pandemic. Connie, Product Donations Account Representative at the food bank, reported a 70% increase in food distribution since March 2020. Along with other employees and volunteers at the food bank, Connie works tirelessly to pick up, sort, box, and distribute food swiftly to families in need.

Here at Starlite, we recognized the struggle that our own community is facing and wanted to find a way to help. The owner and CEO, June Lim, started Starlite Cuisine with a vision: she wants all families to have access to nutritious, plant-based, cholesterol-free, non-GMO, and gluten-free options. She prides herself on creating healthful and delicious products to promote healthier lifestyles, as well as preserving the environment. Moreover, she is deeply passionate about giving back to the community. Her attitude is “nutritious food is not a luxury. If I can do one small thing for families struggling with food insecurities, I am grateful for the opportunity.”

In order to give back, we donated 245 cases of StarLite Cuisine’s plant-based taquitos, rolled tacos, and enchiladas to The LA Food Bank. We are thrilled to have provided the LA Food Bank with healthy, plant-based options. Giving back to the community is something that we will continue to do because, as June always says, “nutritious food is not a luxury.”

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