Here is a step by step process of how to make your own Snackadium (snack stadium) for the big game! It’s the perfect way to impress your hungry guests no matter which team they support.


First, you will need supplies to serve as a base for your stadium. You will need:

  • a platter (or several small platters) to serve as the “field”
  • stadium stairs
  • 4 small bowls or cups


Next, you will need to purchase the food you would like to be serving in your stadium. We went shopping at our local Mother’s Market, but any natural grocery store will do (similar ingredients would be available at Sprouts Farmers Markets or Whole Foods Markets). Our ingredients are:


Start by preheating your oven to cook StarLite Taquitos and Rolled Tacos. Next, begin assembling your stadium base. Stadiums will vary in size, depending upon your available supplies and how many guests you are expecting. Place taquitos in the oven and cook for about 20 minutes. While the taquitos are cooking begin adding food to your stadium. We divided ours into team savory vs. team sweet, but you are welcome to do all sweet or all savory if you wish.

Empty bowls, platters, and stairs that will soon contain food for the Snackadium.
Set up your stadium on the table you plan to serve food at.

We started by adding the “field” foods first, and after that, built outward into the “stands”. Evenly spread the desired base(s) onto the platter(s). We used Mother’s Market guacamole as our center and surrounded it with Casa Sanchez Foods salsa If you are feeling creative: add lines to the field! Begin stacking cookies and fresh fruit on the sweet side. The fruit can be pre-cut or you can leave it whole. Add Comfy House Foods pudding into two separate bowls to provide easy dipping access. Sprinkle UnReal Dark Chocolate Crispy Gems in between cookies and fruit. Use the remaining two bowls to serve chips. Lastly, cut cooked taquitos in half and place on stadium “stairs”. Your Snackadium is ready for game day!

Team Sweet vs. Team Savory!

Finally, be sure to check out our Pinterest for other delicious party snacks! If you make your own snackadium, be sure to tag us on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter!

If you prefer a more visual version of this blog post, head to our YouTube channel to watch us creating our Snackadium!