Store Front of Market of Choice

This month we are featuring Market of Choice!

Located in the Pacific Northwest, Market of Choice has been family owned for more than 35 years.  They currently have 12 locations in Oregon, each supporting local farmers and vendors.

“Our mission is in our name: choice.”

Early Beginnings

Market of Choice was founded in 1979 in Cottage Grove, Oregon under the name “Thriftway Market”.  They continued to expand in the 1980s and 1990s, changing their name to “Price Chopper”.  Entering into the new millennium, Market of Choice continued to develop into the market that they are today.  Their slogan “Food for the Way You Live” paved way for expanding to new locations and improved service.  By listening to their customers, who voiced a preference to “buy local”, Market of Choice is able to help the local economy, as well as reduce their environmental footprint.

Environmental Efforts

This small chain of stores makes a large effort to be environmentally conscious.   Market of Choice uses solar panels at its Willamette store in Eugene, OR.  This way they can take advantage of the natural power from the sun.  Market of Choice will also allow you to bring your own container to fill up on bulk items (reducing the need for extra packaging!).  Another new innovation is their receipt paper.  Receipt paper often contains BPAs or BPS which can be harmful to humans as they are endocrine disruptors.  Their new receipt paper “uses vitamin C thermal developers approved by the Food and Drug Administration for oral and topical use by animals and humans.” (Market of Choice Website).  Finally, they have Green Waste Bins, used for composting food waste and other materials that might usually be thrown in the trash.  By using these they are able to “lessen their impact on the environment.”


“The Wright family has provided jobs for thousands of employees over the years. Today, they employ more than 1,200 people and support thousands of farmers, ranchers and food and beverage producers throughout Oregon and the Pacific Northwest.”

Market of Choice is now a part of Good Food Merchants Alliance.  This means they are included in a group of “independent retailers” who are dedicated to “building a better food system”.

Each store has a bakery, beer & wine section, floral department, produce, and whole health section as well as other grocery items.  They offer gluten free, as well as vegan and vegetarian options.  Additionally, they have various discounts and savings on all products through their programs: Savories Items, MOC Web Special, Choice Buy, Weekly Special, and Everyday Low prices.

Market of Choice also hosts a variety of cooking classes and musical events as well as Sushi Wednesdays!  Their website has a wide selection of recipes for international dishes that you can create with ingredients from their stores.

Sushi Wednesday at Market of Choice


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