It is May and Celiac Awareness Month!

We want to take this time to answer some frequently asked questions about our products.  We take the health needs of our customers very seriously and want to be as transparent as possible about our practices, products, and ingredients.  We have created this list of questions to help reassure those adhering to a gluten free diet.


Which of your products are gluten free?

A: All of our Vegan Taquitos (Chicken Style, Beef Style, and Chorizo & Black Bean) as well as all of our Vegan Enchiladas (Suizas, Rojas, Verdes, and Queso) are gluten free.  These products are made with naturally gluten free ingredients such as soy, corn, spices.

Note: Our Vegan Rolled Tacos (Santa Fe Style, Garlic Chicken, and Chipotle) are not gluten free due to being made with flour tortillas.

Q: Your products are labeled “Gluten Free”, but do not have an official gluten free certification logo provided by the Gluten Free Certification Organization , how do you certify that your products are gluten free?

At StarLite Cuisine, gluten is addressed as part of the plant wide allergen program.  Once per quarter, a sample from every production run is tested to meet our specification of 20 ppm or less for gluten.  Additionally, we submit random product samples to an independent lab for gluten level testing.  We meet FDA requirement of not exceeding 20ppm, thus allowing us to label our products as gluten free.

Q: Are your products made in a gluten free facility?

A: All of our products are made in an US FDA inspected plant.  Other products produced in this plant on shared equipment may contain gluten; however, our facility has manufacturing practices in place to prevent cross contamination of products both between lines, in addition to in the same line for product run sequence.  The plant must perform a complete wash-down of all equipment between product lines.

Q: Vinegar is listed as an ingredient in your Enchiladas de Queso (Bean and Cheese Enchiladas), are they still Gluten Free?

A: Yes! We use distilled rice vinegar which is gluten free.  However, not all vinegars are gluten free, but the one we use is.


If you have more questions regarding our gluten free products, feel free to contact us at!