Stressing about what to cook for Thanksgiving? These ideas will help you plan out the perfect meal! Show your family and friends that plant-based eating during the holidays can be easy!

Side Dishes

On Thanksgiving, side dishes are as important as the main dish! Try to incorporate seasonal vegetables throughout your meal if they’re available in your area. Pick a few to roast from this list as an easy way to add in healthy whole foods. Garlic potatoes (mashed or roasted) are a simple crowd-pleasing dish to bring. For another hearty dish, a filling risotto will satisfy those skeptical of meat-free meals. You can also easily make your favorite stuffing vegan and even gluten-free!

Plate of green beans

Main Dishes

It doesn’t have to be a turkey! Plant-based alternatives are quickly finding a home in the center of the table. Today, there are many different plant-based holiday roasts available to enjoy. Brands like Tofurky, Field Roast, Trader Joes, Gardein, and Vegetarian Plus offer delicious varieties of traditionally meat-based entrĂ©es. Other main dishes can include casseroles or pot pies. If are an Instant pot owner, you’re well equipped to serve a large crowd! Lentils or a fall themed soup produces many servings, convenient for a Friendsgiving.

Bowl of roasted sweet potatoes


Every Thanksgiving, we look forward to a classic pumpkin pie! There are many recipes online to make your own (vegan) version. If baking is not your forte, Whole Foods sells a dairy free version. For a different type of sweet treat, try a pumpkin cheesecake or a pecan pie! You could end your meal staying in season with a home-made vegan apple crisp. Many brands make non-dairy whipped toppings, the perfect finishing touch to any dessert you choose.

Pumpkin pie with a dollop of whipped cream

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