Enchiladas Suizas are one of our four flavors of plant-based enchiladas. Although all are equally delicious, this lesser known flavor is near and dear to our hearts (and taste buds!).

What is it?

To start, we’ll answer a frequently asked question about this flavor: What does Suizas mean? Traditionally, Enchiladas Suizas (Swiss Style) “are topped with a white, milk or cream-based sauce”. Enchiladas are a classic dinner-time Mexican favorite. This particular flavor got its name from the Swiss Alps’s snowy peaks. We created a creamy coconut-based sauce to reproduce the typical dairy-based sauce used in this dish. We use corn tortillas and all of our other ingredients are naturally gluten free!

Now that you know what suizas means, let’s get familiar with what our enchilada is all about!

The Toppings

Our Enchilada Suizas is topped with non-dairy cheese (our own recipe!) and creamy tomatillo sauce. The mixture of vegan cheese and creamy sauce creates an irresistible flavor that you won’t want to end!

The Filling

Pea Protein Crumbles! These crumbles are “meat-like” little bites of plant-protein. Our pea protein crumbles are different than the soy-based filling we use in our taquitos. (However, we do have pea protein filling in our Garlic Chicken Style Rolled Tacos!) Along with the crumbles, there are chopped red and green bell peppers. Lastly, the middle contains more of our suizas sauce. Everything used in our Enchiladas comes from non-GMO ingredients.

Try Them Yourself!

Now that you know all about our Enchiladas Suizas, check out our store locator! You can find a location near you carrying our products by typing in your zip code. If you’ve already tried them, leave a review or send us an email!

Box of Enchiladas Suizas