“I was thoroughly impressed with how good it tasted” Email from Tabitha 6/22/18

“I have tried two separate enchilada meals and absolutely love them!! I didn’t have time to meal prep this week so I grabbed and red and a green one and was thoroughly impressed with how good it tasted. Thanks for such a great product!” 

I’m Addicted to the Santa Fe flavour Email from Maria in Canada 5/7/18

Thank you for making my vegan journey so easy.  I’m addicted to the Santa Fe flavour and me and my husband can’t stop buying them! 😀 Best product ever. 😀  Thank you!

BEST vegan enchiladas I’ve ever tasted!! Thank you!! Facebook review by Haley Michelson on 4/16/18

unbelievably delicious Email from Krizia on 3/25/18

Just wanted to let you know my family and I just tried one of your products for the first time the other day (we bought it from the Market of Choice in Corvallis). We had the chicken style taquitos and they were unbelievably delicious, we couldn’t get over it! They are by far our new favorite product! Thank you!!

they are wonderful!!!! Email from Krissy K. on 3/20/18 

OMG!!!!!  I just ate the very Best Frozen Enchiladas Ever!!!!  I am so thrilled. I bought your enchiladas at Chucks Produce in Vancouver, WA.  They were on sale so I thought I would give them a try.  I am not kidding…they are wonderful!!!!  I am not total vegan yet but have been working on it and these just made that even better.  They are so good!! I love the fact that they were crispy around the edges too!!  I am now going to go back and try more of your products!!  Thank You so very much!!!!  🙂


4.5/5!  Video review of our Vegan Beef Style Taquitos from SabrinaThePlug.


I am more than pleased  Email from Sherry on 2/9/18

“Just wanted to say thank you for making a great product!
I happened to be in Sprouts and was looking for food that appealed to my eye, was vegan, and made with good stuff.
TA-DA…I found your chicken and beef style and I want you to know that I am more than pleased. I am jumping for joy happy!”


Your delicious food  Email From Jill on 1/20/18

I’ve been meaning to write to you for a while. Thank you for your amazingly delicious foods. I have tried so many vegan and vegetarian frozen foods over the past 45 years and I am so happy to have found you. Before discovering you, I would enthusiastically buy a potentially delicious item from just about every company, try it, then achieve disappointment.
In the beginning (45 years ago) I joked that I would buy  the product, try it, then eat the box because it tasted better. The food has greatly improved over the years – but yours are far superior to any other.
Again, thank you so much for making such divine food!❤, Jill


Great Replacement for a Favorite 1/18/2018 Review from M of Great Falls, Virginia on VeganEssentials.com

“This item is a great replacement for my old favorite chicken and cheese taquitos.”


You cannot tell that they are vegan Review from Victor C 12/30/2017 on Facebook

“The “chicken” taquitos were amazing! Didn’t miss a single flavor note, and you cannot tell that they are vegan! Excellent job, looking forward to trying your other items!!! Welcome back snack time!”


Best Taquitos Ever!!! Email From Emily on 12/26/17

“I looooove these! I buy them every week from sprouts and fry them up. I eat them with salsa and avocados. They are usually 5.99 at my local sprouts and I usually buy two boxes because there’s only 6 but I was wondering if there’s any coupons, promotions or discounts coming out soon? or maybe a bigger value box When there is I’d be happy to stock up! regardless I’ll still keep eating them Thank you for the wonderful vegan taquitos.”


Holy Sh*t They Are Amazing Review from Katie F 12/19/2017 on Facebook

 “I just tried your chorizo and black bean taquitos and holy sh*t they are amazing!!! As a pretty recent vegan, these are an absolute godsend. Thank you thank you thank you!!!