From Beverly ‘Seale’ Staton on 9/26/15 on Facebook

“So glad they offer gluten free and dairy food products. Our son has autism and loves them. With his strict diet it’s so nice finding foods he loves.”

From Consumedw/Compassion on 9/25/14 on Twitter

“@StarLiteCuisine Just tried your enchiladas rojas & can’t wait to try the suizas and verde – these #peaprotein enchiladas are #tasty!”

From Amber Miller on 9/24/14 on

“As soon as it came in the mail I popped it in the oven and scarfed it down in seconds.”

From Julie Thorpe on 7/21/2014 on Facebook

  “The pea protein enchiladas and rolled tacos are amazing! So glad I found you!”

From T Renee Kirby on 5/19/2014 on Facebook

  “I tried the Vegan Chicken Style Taquitos today and they’re the bombdiggity! I’ve missed Taquitos since becoming vegan and these are perfect!

From Brenda Colbert on 1/4/2013 from

  “I love these! I was a big taquito fan many years ago after I tried them at a local diner but could no longer eat them because of my food sensitivities. But with these now I can enjoy one of my favorite appetizers again and they are as every bit as tasty!”

From Geneva Nicole on 1/20/2013 on Twitter

  “@StarLiteCuisine Loving the #vegan taquitos and so do the kids. Would make a great #SuperBowl #appetizer”

From Jenn Dios of Cliffwood, New Jersey on 12/21/2011 from

“OMG! Amazing!! WOW! I was blown away by these. They tasted so real it was crazy! I baked them & they were perfect, I took some to work frozen and microwaved them and still amazing. I bought 2 boxes and wished I had purchased more!”