The holiday of gratitude is almost here!  We got a chance to ask a few questions to our friend Colin Kicinski. Colin is VP of Brand Partnerships at Simply Gluten Free as well as a huge StarLite Cuisine fan!

In addition to adhering to a gluten-free diet, Colin is also vegan!  Those of you who eat similarly, are probably curious as to what others are planning to eat on this day.  If your diet is not similar to his, perhaps you have a relative or a guest and are wondering what to cook for them.  We know some of you might have questions, especially if it’s your first time attending (or cooking) a holiday dinner with more dietary restrictions. Since a majority of Americans center their Thanksgiving around turkey and sides that aren’t gluten-free friendly, we wanted to get an idea of what a typical Thanksgiving looks like for him.

Squash soup topped with with non-dairy sour cream and pumpkin seeds
Squash Soup!


Question: What do you think is one of the misconceptions people have about plant-based/gluten-free eating during the holidays?
Answer: That you have to give up on eating well for the holidays or at gatherings. I always eat very well and have amazing food!!

Question: Any tips or hacks you would like to share?
Answer: Find good solutions to things people love already. It’s very easy to make mashed potatoes vegan and taste the same. Same with gravy. Also have dishes that are unique but not ’trying to be’ something normal. When people make something that’s supposed to be a dish everyone knows, but it doesn’t really stand up, that’s the worst. Just make a dish and call it what it is! Then people can enjoy the thing itself and not try to compare it to what they know already.

Mashed Potatoes in a Bowl. Cloves of garlic, greens, and uncooked potatoes as decoration on the side with a wooden serving spoon.
Mashed Potatoes!

Question: Favorite non-food part about Thanksgiving?
Answer: Family of course! It’s our family’s most celebrated holiday of the year, we love it 🙂

Question: Is there anything you used to have during the holidays that you are no longer able to have?
Answer: Turkey and turkey gravy – because I eat plant-based now!

Question: What is the best dish to share with friends/at Friendsgiving?
Answer: I think the best dish to bring and share are pies, pecan pies!!! But that’s something sweet, for savory, I always go with my vegan mushroom gravy and vegan mashed potatoes! Mmmmmmmmmm!!

Pecan Pie
Pecan Pie!

Q&A Part 2

We were also able to get a few answers from one of Simply Gluten Free’s editors: Malory!

Question: If you’re cooking, what is something you make for Thanksgiving?
Answer: Something I make is stuffed acorn squash; also pie sometimes.

Question: Thanksgiving isn’t complete until you’ve eaten what food?
Answer: Pie! (Both Malory and Colin agree on this one).

We’d like to take a moment and express our gratitude for our growing relationship with Simply Gluten Free over this past year. Simply Gluten Free is a wonderful resource for anyone looking for information on the gluten-free lifestyle.  They have created a supportive and inclusive space in the gluten-free community. We want to thank Colin, Carol, and the whole team for believing in us and supporting our products.

We hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving with something for everyone at the table 😊. If you still need more inspiration check out our recent blog post on a Meatless Thanksgiving or our Holiday Pinterest board!